It’s Always a Wondrous Feeling to Visit Lourd’s High Chair Bottega De Barberia for my Well-Deserved Grooming Services!

Perhaps you might be wondering that since last year I’ve featured (and continuously featuring) Lourd Ramos two grooming salon brands for my lifestyle-grooming section, it could be Lourd’s newest “baby” or should I say the latest salon personally managed and owned by him, the Lourd’s High Chair Bottega De Barberia strategically located in Eton Tower in Dela Rosa (corner Rufino Street) in Makati City or the long-standing chain of Creations Salon owned by Lourd alongside his business partners that has key branches in major cities (Makati, Ortigas, Shaw, Paranaque and soon in Santa Rosa, Laguna) in the metro. If you wanna know the answer, Yes! I am currently having an on-going collaboration and partnership with Lourd!

On this note, I wish to sincerely thank Sir Lourd for this great opportunity and of course for trusting me to work with him especially on carrying his trusted and well-loved salon brand in the industry. Thank you so much Sir Lourd (I owe you everything to the moon and back!)

For sure, everyone knows who is Lourd Ramos but let me give you a rundown on few pertinent information about him (though I’ve been sharing this information on my previous blog posts).

Lourd Ramos is a famous hairstylist, brand Ambassador (Daviness, Tresemme and Unilever Hair Expert) and Asia’s Next Top Model judge and mentor known for his precise cutting technique, meticulous standard and trendy styles which tremendously revolutionized the salon into a remarkable pampering haven in the hair styling industry.

Photo courtesy of Lourd Ramos Facebook page

On my recent visit to LHC Bottega De Barberia on a fine Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago for my regular grooming services, I was welcomed by no less than Sir Lourd who is actually waiting for a client booked on that day. Just a reminder though that you better call their receptionist (via these numbers +632 960-6817 or +632 932 868 8670) to book an advance appointment especially if you want to book your preferred schedule either with Lourd or any of its main stylists and to check their availability as well. Though they still accept and welcome walk-in customers. Despite his busy schedule (as always hehehe), we were able to have a light conversation over few things before he endorsed me to Kin, one of the resident stylists in the salon.



On this particular appointment is actually my third visit to this quaint, vibrant and New-York inspired barber shop and salon combined into one grooming haven destination both for men and women. What I like inside are the pleasing aesthetics, wall designs specially the iconic portrait of Lourd and the relaxing ambiance all-over the place.







This modern salon and barber shop upholds few business practices that are all well-regarded and continuously maintaining its consistency standard since its inception. These are the (1) cleanliness and orderliness is always a priority (you can see how they keep and arrange all the cutting tools and other equipment everytime they are done with their assigned services), (2) multi-tasking for faster yet smooth services (their other staff helps and assists the stylists whenever they are free or not doing some admin tasks in the reception area), (3) complimentary drinks  (cold iced tea, coffee, whiskey or just plain water) offered to its guests while waiting for their turn or while killing time before the services gets done and (4) consultation with the stylist before the actual haircut (or other services) to ensure that only the most appropriate hairstyle is given to the client. Oh, not to forget also the strong WIFI connection keeping you abreast of what’s happening over online social media while undergoing salon services and the soothing background music adding extra comfort inside the shop.



As mentioned, I was endorsed to Kin Satorre to handle (and take care of me!) my grooming services on this particular visit. I personally know Kin since he previously handled my grooming needs during my last visit around March this year. Kin is one of Lourd’s protégées and has been working with Creations Salon over the years making him one of the most-sought hairstylists for the salon’s roster of clientle. In fact, he recently competed in a prestigious hairstyling competition sponsored by Daviness where he represented Creations Salon and LHC Bottega De Barberia. The moment he asked me what haircut and hairstyle I want to have, I can feel that he knows what he is doing and that I am absolutely on the right hand. Thanks again Kin!


Photo courtesy of Lourd’s High Chair Bottega de Barberia

Lourds High Chair Bottega De Barberia offers top notch salon services for men, women, and children at a reasonable prices. It also has a variety of services you can avail of like shaving, manicure, pedicure, and scalp and back massage. The shop carries top of the line Davines barber hair products imported from Italy which are available for sale along with Tresemme shampoo and conditioners which is also endorsed by Lourd.

For my haircut, Kin gave me a timeless Faded Barber’s Haircut which easily suits my facial shape and skin color. It also conveys my clean-look and wholesome personality and image (do you agree, guys? haha) . The salon’s signature Haircut (P 350 – P 650) is the trademark of its seasoned Creative Team and Stylists expertise combining the art of precision cutting, creative styling and utmost care. Of course, they will ask the client’s preference first before the cutting or styling of your hair starts. So, don’t be shy or feel intimidated to share your ideas, insights or any other concerns (if any) about your preference.

2017-07-29 10.44.03

2017-07-29 10.44.42

For some personal identity and fashion statement, adding colors to the hair is becoming synonymous on the trendy hairstyling. Good thing is that the salon has wide-range of natural color treated products that will cater to different type of hairs. This time around, Kin proposed to use a medium brown color which easily compliments my new haircut. By the way, the salon’s Hair Color Services starts at P2, 000 (prices may change depending on the hair types).


As always, I had to undergo a Hair Treatment (P 3,000) since I colored my hair which helps and provides luster and extra softening to color-treated hair.


Thanks to Kinn Satorre (Creative Artist/Barbero) for my latest haircut and hairstyle that perfectly suits my personality!


I learned also that all Davines products used for hair coloring and treatments are certified organic and healthy for the hair.

Finally, I was able to try the refreshing and relaxing Men’s Shaving (P 350-500) that features a careful method using hot towels, shaving products and sharp and razor close. Actually, I wasn’t able to remember the rest of the procedure as I slept before the shaving process (haha) ended until Kin woke me up and informed me that he is done already. Thanks Sir Lourd for letting me experience this very relaxing services availed in the salon.



Oh! There’s an ongoing promotion called Happy Hour where you can save costs on your budget for your grooming needs. See poster below for details!


Modern men evolves on how masculinity is changing especially on the grooming and lifestyle where keeping your looks presentable is now an integral part of the man’s regime. I’m glad and forever thankful to LHC Bottega De Barberia, Creations Salon and Sir Lourd Ramos for the premium grooming indulgence that is worth reasonable the cost and relaxing experience at its finest.






Lourd’s High Chair Bottega de Barberia

Address: 2nd Floor, Retail Unit R16, Eton Tower Makati, 128 Dela Rosa Street, corner Rufino, Ayala South, Makati City

Contact Number: +632 908.897.7365

Email Address:


Instagram: @lhcbottegadebarberia

Operating Hours: Open Daily – 10:00 am to 9:00pm


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