Providore: Start your Feasting Adventure at Manila’s Well-Loved Gourmet Comfort Food Restaurant!

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Philippines is the home of the superb local and foreign inspired comfort food restaurants seemingly mastered the art of traditional (and eventually adapting the modern interpretations) comfort food through different well-loved dishes that nourish and satisfy our craving palate. Comfort food somehow helps to clog up all the stress and also convene family members and long-time friends to stay up together over quality bonding and good conversation. It also warms us up during cold and rainy days, cheer us after a bad events in our life and simply delight us pleasantly reminiscing good memories during our childhood days (just like sharing some “throwback photos” in social media).

In these times, with the variety of colorful and whimsical restaurants scene in the metro (and even outside Manila) joining the bandwagon, Providore is considered one of the well-loved purveyors of good old-fashioned comfort food with added modern impressions and clever twists.

Photo courtesy of Providore Facebook page

Providore is another innovative concept restaurant added to its growing dining brands brought to you by the Raintree Restaurants Group.

Photo courtesy of Providore Facebook page

Providore imbues old and all-time favorite comfort food that offers wide-range of authentic American and home-style Filipino cuisine which also gives a kind of classic throwback experience to the “good ol” dining days. This fresh go-to restaurant is inspired by the Retro Counters, Delis, and Luncheonettes of yesteryear giving us a sneak peek of the old-aged restaurant scenario when the tomatoes were fresh off the farm, the milk came from the milkman, and your neighborhood restaurant welcomed you with a big genuine smile.


This spacious coffee bar and bistro conveniently located at The Ground Floor, SM Aura Premiere in BGC, Taguig City provides a straightforward and casual dining place, home-feel atmosphere, laid-back vibe and countryside ambiance in a manifestly refined and stylish way. It has a comprehensive designs and decorations all-over the place coordinated-perfectly with comfortable set-up of tables and chairs, adorable interior pieces, artistic illustrations on the chalkboards of the menu offerings, bright lights, a chiller full of best-seller cakes, a shelf with its wide selection of pastry items for diners and take-out orders, a cool music collection played on the background and an open counter area where you can see a little glimpse on how the Chef’s prepared their specialties before serving to the table.











The restaurant is an ideal place for get together and group bonding with family, friends and office colleagues.




Artisanal Store

Also, Providore is an all local artisanal retail area selling various locally-produced products and kitchen provisions mostly sourced-out directly from the farm and local communities in the country. It also helps provide Filipino workers and their families with decent, earning jobs every time we buy and support the product. Lastly, it helps Filipino SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) stay close in the market alongside other bigger local and international brands.



Providore Backyard

Adding comfort is the relaxing, fresh and breezy set-up of Providore Backyard making you feel inside a serene backyard having a tranquil time outside city. This is also an ideal place to those who want an open and al fresco area set-up. The Backyard offers great selection of wines, beers and cocktails as well as finger food specialties available in the hotdog bar, nachos corner and backyard bites.










Providore is a fine blend of American and locally-loved culinary flavors and tastes serving myriad of American (and other International cuisine) and Filipino fusions of good-for-sharing main courses, pasta dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, breads, cakes, pastries, cocktails and cooling refreshments.



For the appetizer menu, one of the best-sellers is Zucchini Pecorino Fries (P 195). A scrumptious breaded Malagos Pecorini served with buttermilk ranch dip and fresh lemon. A really fun snack to have during your break time!

Zucchini Pecorino Fries

For some looking for healthy stuff to begin your feasting adventure, one of the recommended big plate salad specialties is the Providore Salad (P 350), a mixture of fresh avocado, crispy bacon, bleu cheese, cranberries and walnuts, arugula, market greens and served with buttermilk ranch dressing.

Providore Salad

Another personal favorite which I will surely recommend is the Bacon Clam Powder (P 295), a creamy and hot soup in a bread bowl that comes in a generous serving and flavor-rich ingredients. Indeed, a worth consuming dish that is sooo good it warms the heart especially on a cold and rainy day. A perfect dish ideally for soup lovers around like me!

Bacon Clam Powder

Best if paired with Cast Iron Garlic Parsley Dinner Rolls (P 175), a traditional Ukranian bread rolls baked in a cast iron skillet drenched in garlic parsley butter.

Cast Iron Garlic Parsley Dinner Rolls

For some pasta delight (this is going to be a sure hit to all pasta fanatics!), you must try the flavorful and delectably smooth texture of Italian Sausage and Beef Meatball Bucatini Pasta (P 375) drizzled with 6-hour sauce, malagos pecorino and basil.

Italian Sausage and Beef Meatball Bucatini Pasta

Craving for some sumptuous and ingenious American and Filipino main course inspirations menu? I will give you a rundown of my personally-selected modern and creative main dishes with splash of rich flavors, colors, aromas and personal touch.

First in line is one of my favorites and a must-try Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak (P 395), a savory concoction of tender and sizzled U.S Beef in a special marinade with chili, garlic, native onions and olive oil.


Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak

Delight in some appetizingly-good and perfectly-grilled BBQ when you order the best-seller The “You’re Gonna Need Extra Rice” BBQ Plate (P 320) that contains Chicken and Pork Skewers, extra BBQ sauce and atsara (an appetizer made from pickled green papaya) on the side. Another must-try that is worth to consume when you like to eat more rice (hurray for more cheat day!!!).



The “You’re Gonna Need Extra Rice” BBQ Plate


Next in line is another main dish offering Seafood & Rice Skillet (P 420) guaranteed to be delish and interesting fusion. This simplified version of seafood paella that blends with an amazing taste combined with rich ingredients such as fresh prawns, fish and squid garlic, parsley & white wine butter, special spice, served with creamy spinach pilaf.


Seafood & Rice Skillet

Another signature soup entrée with a pleasant taste is the Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang (P 350), a savory Filipino classic meal dish overflowing with flavor and comfort that is sure to satisfy on this cold and rainy weather. This hearty soup dish contains mustasa leaves, radish, French beans, cherry tomatoes and chili fish sauce.


Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang

There’s no disagreeing how comforting a good breakfast can be whether you are a morning person or not. Good thing is that Providore offers variety of big-serving breakfast and brunch specialties all-day long. One of the latest offerings is the Chicken and Waffle (P 350) that combines the satisfying fluffy and golden waffles and crispy fried chicken. All-Day breakfast menu starts at 8am.


Chicken and Waffle



So when the sweet tooth craving comes we try to find the best answer in any way we can – a cake, pastry items, coffee and some syrupy delight. And yes, you can have all these sweet confections whenever you visit Providore!



Take your sweet indulgence in a total pleasure with its variety of distinctive specialty cakes and pastry items like the rich and creamy Coconut Cream Tres Leches (P 295) stuffed with macapuno & topped with dessicated coconut, served with tres leches cream, the creamy-classic and lusciously-flavored Dulce De Leche (P 165) and assorted bread and pastry items like Cinnamon Roll (P 150), Revel Bar (P 55), among others.

Coconut Cream Tres Leches


Dulce De Leche


Having a cup of coffee will always be unique and a good cup-tasting satisfaction. Here in Providore, you’ll be delighted by the seemingly secretive process, good roasting techniques, and special blend of coffee crafted deliciously headlined by the velvety Providore Caffe Affogato (P 195) made from frozen custard with a shot of espresso topped with hazelnut syrup.

Providore Caffe Affogato

Also, there are other coffee sensations to choose from like the popular and coffee-based (with intricate designs too!) Macchiato (P 120) and Café Mocha (P 160).



Café Mocha


For some refreshing gulp, take Providore Punch (P 175) on your order list, one of the best-selling fountain specialties with watermelon, pineapple & passionfruit punch topped with cherry syrup.

Providore Punch


Providore is a must-try foodie destination serving creative comfort food with innovative concept, modern impressions, playful renditions and eye-catching Instagrammable food selection for your growing foodporn collection.





Ground Floor, SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1630

Contact Numbers: +632 802 9448


Instagram: @providoreph

Store Hours: Open Daily: 8:00am to 10:00pm


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